"David, your current work is well ... amazing. I never have the words to describe how beautiful they are." - Linda P - Buxton, ME

"What an incredible artist you are ... my god the colors, etc. are breathtaking." - Linda - Naples, FL

"David, your Art is like 'Light', it radiates and is alive. It's beautiful."
Mary Taglieri, artist - Punta Gorda. FL

"Have you ever published your poems? It would be wonderful to see them in an exhibition catalog along side your Artwork. I enjoy reading them."
Cindy Jane, Artist - Ft. Myers, FL

" I wanted you to know that your paintings are a service to the world. I feel released from prison when I look at them. They help me to see the me that I have lost. Thank you sincerely, I'm going to decorate around them."
S Gaiser - Albuquerque, NM
"Wish I could buy all your paintings, they are so lovely. You are a man of many talents David."
R Stevenson - Sarasota, Florida

"That's done with a knife? Don't have any idea how you manipulate paint with a knife like that. I'm amazed, really neat painting. "
B Westhaver - Newcastle, Maine

"Looks like your love of color has truly blossomed! "
P Paratore - Portland, Maine

"I love the diversity in styles of poured, fluid and knifed work, the way the light plays off the canvas and colors. I am especially drawn to the palette knife work and the bold acrylic colors. I love the diversity and feeling of play."
C Peery - Columbus, Ohio

"Love your work. Thank you. "
J. Dapprich - Miami, Florida

"I feel like I've known you for many years, though we've never met in person, we're connected through our love of creating Art. I am a big fan! You are growing and evolving everyday, through your many mediums, into a huge talent, always surprising me with something new! "
T Kellogg - Miami, Florida

" I love how most of your paintings allow for 'escape' ... just a feeling I get when I look into them, like there's a way out, a narrow passage, light at the end of the tunnel ... I love that feeling, it's hope."
Rob Mills - Myrtle Beach, SC

"David, these are spectacular, they just glow as if the sun was shining through the canvas."
Deborah Broad - Garden City, SC