David H Piper
Artist - Poet - Builder
Abstract Expression
In Multiple Mediums


A vibrant blend of surprise and delicious imagination.

Born abstract in thought and direction, in the beautiful state of Maine.
I lived 52 years on the coast of Maine, absorbing the raw power of the Atlantic Ocean.

Destined to create, I paint raw emotion, fluid perception in form, light, texture and color.
A minimalist at heart, I use brush, knife and pen to narrate the illusion,
your imagination describes the image.
Whether painting in fluid brush strokes or in lively textures with a palette knife.
I frame the spirit of filtering light, in waves of raw energy and woven layers of vibrant color.

Stimulated and always motivated by life changes in visual texture.
From mid-coast Maine, to Southwest Florida, to the mountains and high desert of the West.
Always the explorer and never restricted by redundant style,
I continue to create my visual story.

Fine Arts Degree - 1973 - UMA

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4080 Conestoga Street
Port Charlotte, FL 33948